A time and season for all things…

I believe there is a time, season, and purpose for everything in our lives. The Bible speaks of this in Ecclesiastes 3:1. One question that I have been asked multiple times is, “when did you become a writer”? My answer is, “I have been a writer all of my life”. I believe this is my season to share my stories with the world. I do not believe it was my season 10 years ago, but that did not stop me from pursuing my dreams. I kept writing and today I have my first book published. I encourage you all today to keep working hard in all that you do. If you are working toward a goal, and you meet resistance, do not give up. When your season comes, the doors will open for you. When the doors open, walk through them and keep moving forward.

One thought on “A time and season for all things…

  1. I believe that this is your season/calling and GOD has you in his hands. I believe that you life story will help many people that are willing to listen and take it in there hearts.


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