Time is precious and I am learning to use it wisely. Writing is something I have always done but I also have to write my schedule out for the day, week, etc. I set reminders in my cell phone. I have realized that when I write it down, I am less likely to forget and I accomplish more. It also helps you see where your time is going, and that determines if you need to change your routine. Have you ever gotten so busy and suddenly remembered that you forgot to do something very important? It can easily happen to anyone. I appreciate the time God has allowed me and I try not to take it for granted. Another thing that I have learned is that I have to take time for self care. If I neglect myself, I become drained and would be no good to myself or others. So I encourage you today, cherish the time we are given and make the most of it because once it is gone, we can not get it back. Write down the goals you would like to achieve this year and start the work to make them into a reality. Remember time is a valuable resource and use it wisely. May God continue to bless you all and stay safe.

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