Stay encouraged…

I just wanted to encourage you on today. Do you ever feel unappreciated? Do you feel like you have gone out of your way to help others and it goes unnoticed? Have you felt like giving up because you do all that you know to be right and it feels as if nothing is working out for you? I have felt like this and it is okay. I just wanted to encourage you on today to never give up. Keep treating people the way you want to be treated and keep doing good. Pray for those that are unhappy and choose to spread negativity instead of being positive and keep moving. If someone has lost their joy, share your smile with them. We all go through difficult times and some more so that others. Just know that every situation is not permanent and God is still in control. Don’t let people and circumstances cause you to loose your joy. Rise above the negative, inspire others, take time every day to meditate daily and before you know it, you get stronger and stronger. Have faith that better is coming. Stay encouraged and enjoy your day.

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