I want to take a minute to reintroduce myself to you. I had to take a minute to regroup but I never stopped doing what I love which is writing and finding ways to encourage others when unknown to the person that I was at my lowest. I love to laugh uncontrollably and I want others to focus on the good and not let the bad consume you. I am learning who I am, finding my purpose, and hoping to share those things with you. So hello again and stay tuned, the next and final book in my fiction series is in the works but I am working on other books too. Enjoy your day and share your smile with everyone you meet and if you do not have a smile, you can borrow mine.

2 thoughts on ““Hello”

  1. Soooo awesome!!! Looking forward to your upcoming books! Keep going hon! Everyday is a challenge for us to conquer and you’re a winner so keep letting your light talent and hard work shine. Keep loving what you do!


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