Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! I am looking forward to a prosperous 2022. In 2021, I faced many obstacles unknown to many but yet I encouraged others and would smile. I wanted to give up but I did not. I watched one of my loved ones take their last breath, only to loose another loved one the next week. All during this time, I was dealing with obstacles in my personal life. I am so thankful that I overcame the challenges. I am healing from the pain, and learning the lesson from the test. That’s the reason why I always try my best to show everyone kindness. We truly do not know what the next person we encounter may be going through. I just want to live my life and not waste another minute that I can not get back. I encourage you all in this new year to take time for yourself, learn who you are and enjoy life. If we choose to listen, God has left instructions and He was there for me through everything I went through. I am reminded of Jeremiah 29:11 and II Timothy 1:7. This is a new year and new beginnings for us all. What will you do in 2022?

Merry Christmas!!!!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!! I pray you all have an amazing day and remember Jesus is the reason we celebrate. I am thankful to see another Christmas and my thoughts and prayers are with those missing loved ones during this holiday season. Blessings to you and your family.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I want to take time to wish each and everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day, smile, make memories, take pictures, and enjoy the gift of life. I am thankful God blessed me to see another Thanksgiving. I am thankful for friends, my family and my work family on today. My heart always goes out to those that have lost loved ones because holidays can be difficult. My thoughts and prayers are with you as well. May God bless you all and thank you for your love and support.

It’s a new month, new beginnings!

I am blessed to see another month. I thank God for giving me another opportunity to cherish this gift of life. In September, I lost two family members in one week. I am still saddened but I am also thankful God allowed them to be a part of my life. October is now upon us and as I move forward, I just wanted to encourage you that no matter what it looks like to keep moving forward. Live and show love everyday to the fullest so you won’t have regrets. Enjoy all the wonderful things that life has to offer and cherish your family and friends. I love you all and may God bless you and your family in this new month and the remainder of the year.


Good morning! I just wanted to share my smile with you on today just in case you could not find the strength to make your own. Sometimes I struggle to smile whether it’s circumstances, sickness, and those random cases of the Monday’s (lol). I find out if I focus on the good, it becomes a little easier to smile. Every day that I am given another opportunity at this gift of life I consider it a blessing. I encourage you today to keep smiling (Philippians 4:13).